Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Praise God

Tuesday night after Basket ball at Salvation Army, my dear friend and roommate Thomas and some other guys from school (I'm not sure who) Had the awesome and amazing opportunity to lead Four guys to Christ. I am not sure of their names but I will try and keep you updated. please be praying for them. Praise God! He is so good.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Prayer Requests

Please pray that the Lord would work in the Hearts of the people at Salvation Army, pray that I would be able to connect with them and build relationships with them.

Please pray for me as I do not know how I am going to pay for the next school payment.

Please pray that the Lord would show me His will, as I want to work at the Salvation Army, but I also need to pay for school, so I may need to get a job, I have applied at a few places but none of them have gotten back to me yet. I know that the Lord will provide.

Thank You
Praise be to God for all He has done.

Stephen at New Tribes

To all of you that were wondering to your self " where did Stephen go?" I am at New Tribes Bible Institute in Jackson Michigan. I have been here since August and I will be here for two years.
New Tribes is a very small Bible school that teaches only Bible.
I am in four classes right now which are, Evangelism for a Post-Modern world, Hermeneutics, Pentateuch and Ruth,Ecclesiastes,Song of Solomon. I already finished two classes, Bibliology and Biblical Foundations.
The Classes are great and I am learning so much, I have learned about how we got the Bible today and how it was translated, I am learning how to share my faith in this Post-Modern world, I am learning to rely on God for everything, I am learning how to study the Bible and I am learning so much more.

I have been volunteering at the local Salvation Army. I go on the week nights and play basketball with the local kids from Jackson. It is a great opportunity to build relationships and show Christ's love.

I will try and keep you updated on how things are going out here, so check in often and see whats going on.

Thank you and God bless.